Monday, August 1, 2011

Bad Drivers

So far in this blog, I've discussed all kinds of different people who piss me off for many different reasons.  But nothing can make me more enraged, or borderline psychotic than the douchebags I have to deal with with I'm driving.  People have always made me mad when I'm driving, but these days it's much worse.  I have a child now, so I'm obviously extremely protective of my precious cargo.  So when somebody does something stupid on the road, they are endangering the safety of my child.  It's one thing to put my life at risk with your shitty driving, but to put my child's life at risk REALLY makes me want to bash your fucking skull in.

In an earlier post, I discussed the "It's All About Me" type of mentality that is now plaguing most Americans these days.  Nothing can be more blatantly apparent than when you are driving.  People see you coming, but they will just pull right out in front of you, without warning. Even more so if you are on a motorcycle.  They think that just because their vehicle is bigger than yours, that they automatically have the right of way.  Pure simplistic, moronic way of thinking.  A close friend of mine was killed on his motorcycle because some fuckstain pulled out in front of him using the "my car is bigger" rationality...and it's almost happened to me on a motorcycle on 3 different occasions.

Another popular trend is running red lights.  I see this more and more each day.  The town I live in has installed traffic cameras at most intersections that automatically ticket people that run red lights, but those cameras aren't doing a bit of good.  Americans are in such a big damn hurry to do everything, that they can't be burdened to sit at a red light for 45 seconds.  No, they would much rather risk t-boning you at 50mph because that trip to Wal-Mart to buy a carton of cigarettes and a pregnancy test is so much more important than the lives of you and your family.

The next thing I've always wondered about is why people find it so difficult to use a goddamn blinker.  Not only is it the law, but it's also just a common courtesy so that those around you know where the fuck you're going.  But, as I stated in an earlier post, common courtesy is dead and gone.  Besides the idiots that never use their blinker, then you have the idiots that drive for miles and miles with their blinker on.  Are you wondering what that clicking noise coming out of your dashboard is?  Well it's your blinker, fuckstick...turn it off! 

Now once all of these idiotic drivers are done terrorizing everyone on the road, they make their way home and do yet another thing that bothers me to no end...park in the street instead of their empty driveway.  This baffles me.  Why would would you park in the street when you have a perfectly empty, spacious driveway?  Now that part of the street is narrowed down to one lane....and people have to wait on oncoming traffic before they can proceed around your damn car.  My dream in life is to one day buy an old clunker car, and take it to all residential neighborhoods and just fucking smash it into any vehicle I see parked in the street. Yes, it's good to have goals.

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