Friday, November 25, 2011

Think Exactly As I Do...OR ELSE!!

Where did this unrelenting need to start fights with everyone who has a different opinion than you come from?  I have my suspicions, but it doesn't matter...the problem is there regardless.  If reality television has taught us anything, it's this: be as over-dramatic and start as many arguments as possible (it's what drives us as a culture)!

Facebook is, by far, the number one resource for social media.  It serves as an outlet for many things, such as staying in touch with friends and family, and using your wall to post random things that happen to be on your mind. I post random thoughts on my wall about once a week, give or take.  Usually my posts consist of things that bother me about modern society. They are little rants blended with a dash of sarcastic humor, and sprinkled with a dose of reality.  But more often than not, somebody on my "friends" list wants to start an argument with me, simply because my opinion differs from theirs. 

On Facebook, I read more of other people's posts than actually posting myself.  During my reading, I see oodles of things that I don't agree with. But you know what? That person has a right to their opinion.  But in today's world we live in, the general mentality is this: "If you don't see things exactly the same way as I do, I'm damn sure gonna let you know about it."  This is classic ignorance at it's finest. When I post on other people's status, it's only to add something nice and friendly.  If I have a negative opinion, I simply just keep it to myself. Call it maturity, being respectful, or just good old fashioned common sense.  Facebook is often times a way to blow off some steam or relieve a little if these people are really your "friends", then why add to their steam and stress with your need to rudely post your contrasting opinion?  Remember the old adage, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."?  Is that so hard?

So where are people picking up this hostility?  Well you don't need to look hard to find some answers.  Just simply turn on the television.  It doesn't matter what channel you put it on, because there is probably going to be a reality show on, regardless.  All reality shows either make it or fail miserably based on one simple thing: ratings.  And what brings in the ratings?  Conflict. any reality show, and you are 100% guaranteed to see arguing, fighting, name calling, back-stabbing, trash talk, and so many "bleeps" from foul language that the show sounds like a hearing test.  Families gather around the television to get their fix of this every single night of the week.  This sort of behavior has become the norm in modern society.  Everyone from adults to children are force fed this kind of hatred and negativity each time they turn on the tv.  It becomes more apparent with each person you interact with. Reality television is an incurable disease that is plaguing society, while not many people are acknowledging that the problem exists to begin with. And I say "incurable" because these shows are here to stay, unfortunately.  And they will only get worse as each season tries to out-do all the drama from last season.

So now that I've identified what I feel is the main reason for people's demeanor these days, let's get back to Facebook.  I think I'm pretty much done posting on there for the most part.  I'm just tired of getting attacked from all angles when I say something on there.  I'll just stick to reading what everyone else posts.  After all, it's the best way to watch and learn how the ideaology of modern civilization is evolving ever so rapidly...and not for the better. I'll use what I learn to protect myself and my loved ones.  It will definitely be challenging trying to raise my little daughter to have good values, treat others with respect and kindness, and have common decency in this crazy world, while trying to shield her from the hatred, selfishness, and negativity that she will be surrounded by every single day.

In closing, just remember that everyone has opinions and views.  It's what makes us different.  So when you are on Facebook and you see people posting stuff that you don't like, just delete them from your friends list.  It's really that simple.  Because I guarantee you that absolutely nothing good will come from starting an argument, simply because you HAVE to give them your contrasting opinion...even though they didn't ask for it.    

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