Friday, July 8, 2011

The Marketing Malaise

Have you ever noticed how people will buy pretty much anything if it is marketed right? All you need is to use the right buzz words, and I guarantee you can sell anything.

Being a night owl, I'm able to catch a lot of infomercials on tv. I can't help but laugh at some of the things that are selling. The other night I saw a commercial come on that was selling sunglasses. But these weren't just any sunglasses...they were HIGH DEFINITION sunglasses. When people see the term "HD" in front of anything, they automatically assume it's a great product. But these were just ordinary sunglasses. It's your own real-life vision, you fucking moron. It doesn't get any more "HD" than that. So why do I need to buy your shitty, BluBlocker recycled aviators for $19.95?

How about bottled water? Are you the type of person that pays a lot more for your water because the bottle says that it comes from the purest stream atop Mount Fuji? If so, go ahead and punch yourself in the face. I gurantee that I could fill up a bottle with the hose in my backyard, and you wouldn't even know the difference. You know why? Because it's just fucking water...that's why. I'll even go one step further and put the "recycled" green logo on it for you, just for added peace of mind.

If you really want to make some money, just advertise a magic weight loss pill. Americans will buy that without hesitation. Here's the American mentality for losing weight: "So all I have to do is take this pill a couple of times a day, and I'll lose weight. I can still eat what I want and I don't have to exercise or anything!". Then they hand over a fuckload of money for what boils down to be a sugar pill (placebo). They want the results without having to lift a finger. Classic genius.

Before I wrap this up, I'd like for someone to explain to me how the term "couponing" came to be. That's not even an actual thing. If you use a coupon on something, you are saving...not couponing. If you are collecting coupons to use later, you are collecting, not couponing. Much the same way if I want to take a sip of my Dr. Pepper, I'm drinking, not "soda canning". Couponing is not a word, much less to use it as a fucking verb. Once again, this is a marketing buzz word.

The moral of the story...stop buying stupid shit based on marketing buzz words. (I had more to rant about on this subject, but since I blog from work, I'm on a time constraint...and I just ran out. Sorry for the abrupt ending.)

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