Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And The Douchiest Facebook Post Goes To...

You come across all kinds on Facebook.  Some people post about things they like, some about the things that bother them (like I do), and some just like to keep in touch with friends and family that they aren't able to see in person very often.  These are all of the things that make Facebook such a great social network, and why it is so popular.  But with popularity comes stupidity.  Everyone has a handful (or more) of people on their friends list that they either have hidden or removed, simply because their posts are annoying the shit out of you.

So you might ask yourself: How do I know if I'm being an annoying douche on Facebook?  Well, that's why I'm enlighten you!  Here are some things that can get you hidden or removed from people's friends list:

1. Constantly posting music videos.  Yes, we've all seen music videos's not some new concept that you've just stumbled upon.  Furthermore, nobody is getting anything out of that lame song you just posted. Nobody will be uplifted, entertained, amused, or thought-provoked simply because you like fucking Nickelback.
2.  Sending out requests to help someone's garden, farm, mafia, or any other mindless games that are played on Facebook.  If you play any of these games, do me a favor and punch yourself in the face...hard.
3.  Posting song lyrics. So you know the words to a song? Congratu-fucking-lations. Please refer to #1.
4.  Posting prayers. Jesus isn't on Facebook.  And if he was, I've probably already unfriended him because he kept sending me requests to help him on Mafia Wars.  Fucker.
5.  Sending "Shout Outs" to dead people. It's always sad when somebody loses a loved one, and I do sympathize. But here's a newsflash: your deceased loved ones can't read your shout out to them on your facebook wall. You know why? Because they're dead.

Well, I could go on and on, but those would have to be my top five.  Don't get me wrong here, folks...I'm not saying everyone on my friends list has to have everything in common with me. People have different views, hobbies, opinions, and personalities.  Just try to be more original, and a little less douchy (nope...that's not a word but I'm using it anyway). Happy posting!

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