Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fairweather Fans

Have you noticed that more and more people can't stick with one team anymore. It seems that most people just want to root for whoever is doing the best at the moment.

I became a huge hockey fan in 1998 when I went to my first Nashville Predators game. As an expansion team coming into the NHL, they had a lot of work to do. But since day 1, I have been a die hard loyal Preds fan through and through...even year after year when they were always one of the worst teams in the NHL. Most people outside of the Nashville area didn't even know that they were an NHL team...most locals thought they were a minor league team. Then magically, after a lot of time and hard work (and great drafting), the Predators made it to the playoffs for the first time. When that happened, a whole lot of "fans" started coming out of the woodwork. The local media finally started giving them some airtime on the news. There were Predators bumper stickers and banners on so many cars. But where was all of this attention before they made it to the playoffs? I'll tell you...the attention was on the popular teams that were doing well, like the Detroit Red Wings. Hell, even right now, if the Preds played the Red Wings in Nashville, you'd still see a sea of red jerseys all over the arena. I guarantee you that the most of the Red Wing fans all over the country have never even stepped foot in the state of Michigan. And it's ok to have a favorite team from a place you've never been, as long as it never changes based on standings from year to year.

I can still remember as a very young child when I started getting into sports, and had a passion for football. I always looked forward to sundays, getting to watch the ball game with my dad. He told me to pick a team, and stick with them through thick and thin. Well, back then in the 80's, Tennessee didn't have a football team (or any professional sports team). So I decided I would look at all the NFL logos and team colors, and make my decision based on the one I liked best. I came to the conclusion that the Buffalo Bills would be my team. I'm still cheering for them to this day. Yes, I was with them when they lost four straight Super Bowls (and suffered through much ridicule from my friends), and I'm still with them as they are currently one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Too many people these days are douchebags, though. They want to be wearing the jersey of the champions...and they'll sell out again next year when someone else is on top. Hey, I wonder how many new Boston Bruin fans there are now.

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