Sunday, June 19, 2011

Douchebags in The Morning

One of the most annoying group of people in the world are radio DJ's.  An even more annoying group are DJ's that do morning shows.  These people try so hard to be funny, but fall horribly short of the mark.  They tell these extremely lame, pathetic excuses for jokes, and then laugh hysterically at the shit they just said. Hey fella...what you just said wasn't in the slightest bit funny, much less funny enough to be laughing as hard as you are.  Here's a crazy idea...why don't you shut the fuck up and play some music?

Morning show DJ's also love to play song parodies.  They put on some Ray Stevens-esque song that is supposed to be such a riot (and it probably a 4th grader), all the while leaving the microphone on so that the audience can listen to these tools gut-laugh through the entire thing.  Let's face it, your "comedy" wouldn't cut it at a saturday open mic night in a retirement home.  DJ's should have one job, and one job only: play songs. We need you to talk as little as possible. Actually, just don't talk at all.  If I wanted talking, I would turn on my TV.

And for those of you who know me, please don't come up to me and ask if I heard that "incredibly funny" thing on John Boy & Billy in The Morning.  I'm probably just going to insult you for being the half-wit that you are, and for finding enjoyment in stupid things.  Then I'm going to recommend that you punch yourself in the face...hard.

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